Globe and mail horoscope for march 2 2020

The US will experience a lot of seismic activity in and Hurricanes and flooding to hit Florida and East Coast plus hurricane winds to hit as far north as New York. Trump puts pressure on Imran Khan to drive out terrorists and extremists in return for a positive trade deal.

Extremists are driven into Afghanistan that sees new troubles.

Strauss–Howe generational theory

See article Independent. Trump promotes Rudi Giuliani to a high office.

Giuliani turns of trump when a new scandal hits the fan. Rudi Giuliani will one day run for president. A celebrity man and woman take their lives in a suicide pact.

Could this be the Sophie Gradon from Love Island suicide? Her boyfriend Aaron Armstrong took his own life 20 days later. Right-wing and Euro-skeptic candidates dominate European elections successes. There will be a re-vamp of the flag. Predictions made in September Trump puts high tariffs on German cars exported to the USA. China stops German Car imports. See Financial Times.

Brisbane Times

Pressure from a new surge of refugees results in street protests and riots in France, Germany, Sweden, and Austria. No street riots as I predicted. However, , asylum seekers in the EU are waiting to have their claims processed. See Guardian August The European economy will do badly during The Euro will lose value and remain weak until the end of the year. There will be troubles in the world economy See China Predictions. A bumpy year for trade and finance. China plunges into recession and people take to the streets. Exceptionally big bush fires cause chaos.

Canberra is the most affected. A large meteorite hits Russia and makes the international news. This is not a threat to the world but a wakeup call that we pay more attention to avert future problems. Russia will sell battleships and other military hardware to China and so upsetting the balance of power in the China-South Sea. America will increase troops in the area. Land taken from white farmers without compensation causes armed clashes. No serious riots yet though. The National Assembly is dissolved and a second vote called.

Calls of fraud and double voting go viral. More to come. See video for details. Under pressure from Russia Turkey retreat but fail to protect their borders from a new flood of refugees.

This week's horoscopes with Sally Brompton | Daily Mail Online

Turkey has conflict in Syria. It is, however, the USA putting on the pressure at the moment. See BBC News. Kim Jong-un strikes a deal with Trump but North Korean people eventually revolt against their leader. A fragile peace is broken and the civil war continues. A new civil war is being talked about in the press. See PRI News. There will be a devastating earthquake in Nepal. I also mention in the Canada predictions that they would have an unprecedented cold spell.

Canada saw the coldest winter ever.

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A cold front also paralyzed the USA with temperatures reaching minus This post and video were made on 18th Sept Ten days later on the 28th of September, there is a Tsunami in Indonesia. CNN Report here. In Japan will see extensive flooding. Review Psychic Predictions for Review Predictions for I will respond to comments here but you may also enjoy the comments on my YouTube Channel.

If you follow my Channel you can watch my weekly videos and enjoy the comments and banter below the video posts. Read my book and watch my movie on Amazon Prime about how I went in search of destiny. Tagged as: Astrology , Future , Prediction. Hi, tried to buy your video Mystic Journey on Amazon and it is not available for people in Australia. Some comments get deleted if they are too short, too long, in all caps or have bad spelling.

Not sure if any of these apply to your posts. Hello, what about Kazakhstan? Our president resigned so who will be next? Could it be someone from his relative or close to him or will someone come from the outside? What else is waiting for us such as economic, bank, etc? Craig, do you still see a Hard Brexit and Theresa May resigning?

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Two things I hope to see, to be honest. At the moment, in mid-Feb, India-Pak relationship is at the lowest ever in recent history after the terror attacks by the Pak supported terror group. Craig here is the link to the Govindavakyas prophesizing the birth of Lord Kalki and his rule for years after the 3rd world war.

I am writing a book about World Predictions. A quick glance seems to show the person is quoting the traditional texts about the Kali Yuga. Dear Craig. The crisis is going to originate from Europe and the US after the crash would not be able to recover.

The Chronicle Herald

He predicted that the US will resemble a third world country from then onwards. Craig, what is your prognosis of the matter. I just heard the story today on the news. But people VOTE green, so they get what the voted for….

Hi Craig! May be a good one for you and your family. I hope you are spot on with predicting a hard Brexit, I fear that the greedy self-serving trough snouters, gravy train passengers will try to defy the democratic request of the referendum result. I hope we do exit the EU fully and karma pays the greedy democracy deniers a special visit. Hi there, my name is Sarah, and I am a Christian and have the gift of Prophecy.

My main concerns and the reason for being on this Earth are to protect the environment. I reformed our companies attitude to single-use plastic and am currently working on a secondment which is working to reduce investment in plastic. I dream a lot about things like chemtrails, and really evil and disturbing machinery behind the skies, and the scenes. I also sense that the Volcanic activity is due to the Earth being angry at how it is treated.