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For more information, you can email us at vitals. Which one do I select? What is the difference? I want to make sure I order the right one. Please advise. Hello Nathan. Thanks for reaching out.

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Each state refers to their certificates differently. Most likely, the photocopy certificate is just that…a photocopy of the original certificate on file and would not be a certified copy. Please email your question about this to us at vitals. Be sure to include the city and state where you were born. I would like to ask a question if possible. I was born in a different country and my parents took us to the US many years ago and we all became US citizens. I thought that I did see my foreign birth certificate from that country previously but now I could not locate it and my parents all passed away.

So I am not sure where that birth certificate is now. Even if I can find it, the name is different because my original name is not in English. Hello Edward.

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Thanks for your question. Since you were born in a foreign country, your original birth certificate and any copies would be issued by that country. For U. Thank you for replying to my question but here is the problem. The country that I was born was not the same country. The new regime that took over practically destroyed all the previous records so even if I go back and apply for the certificate, they would not be able to produce one for me.

I am applying for med school overseas because the tuition is much much less than in the US but this school required me to have a birth certificate which I am unable to provide. So please kindly advise, how I can obtain a birth certificate? I do have US passport which listed my birthday and the country where I was born. I also have US naturalization paper. Is there anyway I can get some kind of a birth certificate replica in the US since I do have US passport and naturalization paper? Regarding your situation, unfortunately we are only able to assist with the ordering process for people born as U.

Since you were born in another country and later became a U. There is no process whereby someone born as a citizen of a foreign country can get a U. Birth certificate upon becoming a naturalized citizen of the United States. You instead get naturalization papers. You may try contacting the med school you wish to attend to see if they can work with the documentation you have. You may also contact U. You instead sent me a letter asking for documents that are nearly impossible for me to get in order to have it. It says it only stays on file for 30 days but i need time to get this shit.

Are you really gonna charge me another 50 bucks if i dont meet that dead line? Hello, Shane. Please email us your order number at vitals. I am trying to get my birth certificate, so that I can get a new state ID. Without which I cannot get a proper job. The problem is, I no longer have anything that states who I am. I have mental health issues about 3 years ago, and was moved to a relatives.

Most of my belongings were thrown out, including the aforementioned document. Hello Haiden. With regards to your social security card, you may be able to get a replacement using an alternate form of ID such as a school ID, Employee identification card, Health insurance card not a Medicare card ; or U. With regards to ordering a new copy of your birth certificate, certain states allow you to verify your identity by answering a series of questions rather than submitting identity documents.

Please email us at vitals. Hello, my father in law lost his social security card and birth certificate in a fire. My husband apply for his father birth certificate and the send something stating that they could not locate him in the system. It like he almost dont exists. Hello Naiesha. He can contact that vital records agency directly for more information or he may be able to order a certificate directly through us at VitalChek. If he has any questions, he can email us at vitals. I went though VitalCheck to get a copy of my birthday certificate. I really need this copy and an explication on why or what to do next.

I have called and sent emails and no one has returned calls or emails. Hello Debrann.

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Can I use this for identification, passport, etc? Why do you have to give a reason when you just want to replace an important document. A birth certificate should be your birth certificate. Hello Kim and thank you for reaching out to us. The certificate that you received should work for passport, travel, etc. Unless you are currently living in Ohio or Oklahoma, these states would need a copy of the long form certificate from the state of New York. Can someone please help me?

I just want my actual birth certificate if possible. Please help! Okay — trying to get an answer one more time! Can someone help? Thanks so much! Hi Kim. Please email us with your question at vitals. Comment: hi my names are Jared kibet kemei, I had my birth certificate with date error. Hello Jared. If you ordered through VitalChek, please email your order number to vitals.

I just ordered a birth certificate and had to give it my best guess on the actual city I was born in. The two cities are fairly close but if I put the wrong one is it going to take longer to get here? Hello Sage. Please send your question to vitals.

My sons girlfriend need her birth certificate her dad whants me you did not anser me to get for her can I get or does he have to get it. Hello Kathy.

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Each state has their own guidelines for who is able to obtain a vital record on behalf of another person so it will depend on what state she was born in.. Please email us at Vitals. I need a copy of my childs long form birth certificate born in NYC, I ordered a copy previously which is was not the long form original type which lists parents place of birth. Hello Colleen. You can also email the Office of Vital Records Services at nycdohvr health. Hello Ethan.

I misplaced my birth certificate. Hello Theresa. Thanks for reaching out to us with your question. Hopefully one of these ordering methods will be convenient for you. Good afternoon, Ms. Please email your order number and request to our customer service team at vitals.