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It's also the perfect time to get rid of bad habits, behaviors, and beliefs as you strive for progress and try to move onto something better for yourself. There is a new moon each month, and many people assume it happens right after the full moon — however, it actually happens after the last quarter phase.

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Case-in-point: April's new moon is happening on Apr. So, this truly is the best time to start something new and put all of your energy into bettering yourself.

Full Moon June ~ Extremists! - Darkstar Astrology

The new moon falls on fixed star Kurdah in the neck of Cepheus the King. Venus and Jupiter rule Aries decan 3 and in this star, they come out dramatically. With a new moon, we are working percent on our instincts, so any decisions made at this time will be from habitual drives and infantile cravings which may not be in our best interests.

Full Moon September 2019 ~ Fight Or Flight? By Marina @Darkstar

We should listen to our body. There are 12 signs in all. In some cases, the signs are not used and instead of the signs they are using the astrological aspects of the charts. The cusp will act as the boundary for two houses or signs.

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The Houses on the other hand are the 12 divisions used in the charts and the division is based on certain computations. One such computation is through the division of the chart into 30 degrees each. Neptune has a more esoteric and mystical approach to spirituality while Jupiter is associated with the more organised religions. Negatively, however, Jupiter has a tendency towards zealousness and extremism while Neptune can be very cult-like and deceptive.

There is a passionate and idealistic Venus trine Pluto which is being pulled into this streamer. A wanderer. If the moon represents the public then it is like it is very cut off and separated from the machinations going on in the very complex streamer.

New Moon June 12222 ~ Balancer

It can flow in either direction in a river without losing balance…he can be like a policeman who controls and directs the traffic. This figure likes to control powerful forces; he wants to direct or even generate currents, eg trends in fashion and art, current trends or other peoples mental preferences. This is nevertheless perceived as manipulation or interference in the private sphere and provokes emotional reactions.

The tarot card associated with this decan is the 9 of swords.

Unfortunately, the air signs are stuck with the swords suit as representing them so the imagery is not going to be so positive. We must remember that these cards must be read slightly differently when associated with the decans as they will show the lessons learnt in other lifetimes and karma that may have already been paid back.

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This is the most karmic of all the decans, where the past has accrued many paybacks and unfinished business with relationships. This may be on a physical level but more than likely a return of some inner-demons or past nightmare, which has thrown your mental equilibrium out of balance. Something from your past may have come back to haunt you.

All possible phases of the moon and the lunar eclipse, on a dark star background

I take this card to mean that, like the boastful hunter Orion, natural law will come back to bite you in the foot if you try to mess too much with nature and play god. But those who do work with nature will be spared the nightmarish scenario seen on this card. The crystal I chose for this new moon is the Dalmatian Jasper since it is associated with the dual nature of Gemini and the balancing of opposites.

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Its energy brings childlike joy and a sense of playfulness into your life. Will aid you with spiritual grounding and psychic protection…..