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Where you might struggle: you can have a tendency to let inflexibility limit your success.

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This is why he is represented here with eleven heads. A particularly significant expression of solidarity between families is a willingness to adopt or take in children abandoned by their parents or in situations of serious hardship.

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The salubrious low lying slopes of Nepal, pleasantly verdant, and brimming with exuberant nature, will make up the background for your retreat experience.

Experienced masters of authentic Indic tradition will guide you through the basics of Hatha and Ashtanga fundamental yoga styles, as well as help you purify with yogic cleansing and ayurvedic lifestyle modifications. The Nepal Himalayas have long been a frequented destination for mountain lover, trekking enthusiasts, and the adventurous soul and this 5 nights retreat is designed to compliment such interests perfectly with a bunch of outdoor activities and excursions.

This retreat can be the perfect excuse to lose yourself in the enchanting mountains and forests of Nepal, meet a bunch of like-minded lovable strangers, and simply reconnect with your Self on this brief, transformative journey!

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This is why you need to take a break and attend a retreat. This brief retreat program of 5 Days will journey you through the basic, easeful movements of the Hatha primary series, assisted hands-on by an experienced teacher, also the Ashtanga series will be introduced in a beginner-friendly, slow-paced way.

To prepare your body for an in-depth yogic workout, there will be a completely vegetarian diet with three meals a day, balanced in nutrition, and ayurvedically cooked. The dietary modification emphasizes detox and nourishment through plant-based produces, reducing unwholesome cravings and immoderate consumption habits.

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Meditation methods like Yoga Nidra, mindfulness with music, and mantra chanting are introduced to the participant and an integrated form of meditative breathing and physical asanas are attempted with successive sessions. Full body herbalized oil massage, shirodhara oil treatment on the head, and abhyanga massage for chronic pain relief are administered by qualified ayurvedic therapists, to rid your body of doshic excesses.

Sessions at the in-house spa and sauna help in deepening the outcomes of these specific treatments. Reiki and Reflexology are introduced to generate your interests in alternative healing practices, in place of modern medicine which cannot be free of debilitating side-effects. The in-house swimming pool remains open for recreation in the water. Day has excursions to local places of interest-- temples and monasteries in the vicinity, and into the core area of the Nagarjuna national park.

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Bring your hiking boots and safari cap! A brief yet comprehensive curriculum, covering asana basics, pranayama, and meditation, along with alternative healing sessions and therapy with Ayurveda.

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  5. Detoxifying diet and ayurvedically prescribed lifestyle modifications, provided by qualified therapists ensuring much needed health consultation. Excursions in the local spots of interest-- ancient temples and monasteries, nature trails along the foothills, jungle core area, and outdoor yoga trips. Conducive set up for meditation and self-practice. In-house library with select yoga literature. This retreat will prepare you for self-propelled yoga practice routine, and motivate sincere practitioners for programs demanding more degree of commitment like yoga teacher training courses in the future.

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    In order to shed the toxins and residues of stress accumulated in your body and being over a period of living in an unregulated lifestyle, a refreshing dietary routine is introduced for these 5 days of retreat. Kosher vegetarian food, plenty of fluids ensuring sufficient hydration, detoxifying meals including big portions of leafy vegetables, salads, citrus fruits, and herbal teas make up this diet chart. Simple Indian preparations with fresh ground spices, minimum oil and balanced proportions of carbohydrates make these meals delectable, yet uncompromising of the health factor.

    The kitchen staff makes sure not to use processed food with added preservatives and make much of the meals with locally grown fresh produce. The main objective of the diet plan on this retreat is to sustain you through the 5 long days of immersive yogic activities, restore health in your body and being, and induct participants with a strong foundation in wholesome consumption habits. The retreat home nestles in the wilderness of Nagarjun forests and offers peaceful verdant views.

    Clean and comfortable, spacious rooms for single and shared occupation make for economic stays during your retreat time. The decor and amenities will fulfill your basic requirement and keep true to the motto of simple living for the yogi.